Sickle Cell Disease, a Review

Sickle cell disease and its variants constitute the most common inherited blood disorders affecting millions of individuals worldwide. Significant information regarding the nature of the genetic mutations and modifier genes that result in increased or decreased severity of the disease are available. In recent years, detailed data regarding molecular genetics, pathophysiology, mechanisms for the development of symptoms and side effects of sickle cell disease have been published. The relationship of physiological changes, cellular interactions, coexisting coagulation disorders, effects of association with other genetic disorders and a number of intervening factors have been explored. New techniques for pre-conception, prenatal, in utero, and neonatal screening are available.

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International Conference on Pharmaceutics and Advanced Drug Delivery Systems

To keep you updated regarding my activities, I was invited, and gave a talk this morning to a conference via online podcast. The conference title was "International Conference on Pharmaceutics and Advanced Drug Delivery Systems" which originated in Paris, France . The topic of my talk was "Infections and etiology of acute lymphoblastic leukemia". If you wish, you can find the conference online.
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Pharmaceutics & Advanced Drug Delivery Systems